Mitt Åland offers you the chance to experience the tastes and sights of the Åland countryside on your own or with one of our guides who can give you a more personal perspective of Åland.


The energetic pub-owner

Pub Stallhagen is owned and run by Christian Ekström and his partner Johanna Dahlgren. The pub was chosen as the food ambassador of the year on Åland because the Pub puts its heart and soul into its dishes and is highly committed to using locally grown ingredients. In addition to the pub itself, the location also hosts a live show venue called Stallhalla. The venue has quickly grown in popularity in recent years and has been the scene of a variety of live shows, from rock festivals to children’s theatre. With a little luck, you just might get to see Christian Ekström performing live theatre on the scene. And thats no fluke, since Christian likes to test new things both in his restaurant and in life in general. In fact, his motto in life is: Nothing is impossible.

The year 2010 was a big one for Christian Ekström since that was when he and the rest of his diving crew found the world’s oldest champagne at the bottom of the Åland Sea. At the moment, Christian is training hard for several triathlon competitions, for example Ironman 2017. Christian would be more than happy to guide you around by bike, and if he’s to choose, the tour will consist mostly of small, winding roads and be done with mountainbikes.