Special archipelago tastes

Anders, who is the proprietor of the estate, has worked as a fisherman in the outer archipelago of Åland for more than 30 years. The Västerro house was built in 1999 and the new smokery in 2015.

Västerro specialises in small-scale fish processing and smokery as well as small-scale grapevine farming. Here, we strive to refine fish and parts of fish that are often overlooked to create new and different tastes. The smokery is also used for smoking dairy products, salt and vegetables.

Västerro also produces smaller wood crafts.

During the summer months, the great specialty of Västerro is smoked flounder, prepared both with traditional and experimental spices and methods.

We welcome guests to visit and see how we live here at the edge of the sea and to give their taste buds new experiences.

You can take a peek in the smokery and participate in a guided tour of the grapevine farm and the shore.

We offer tasting samples of many types of fish. We are building on the property, which creates a special atmosphere.

fish smokery
taste samples of fish
guided tours of the estate
wood crafts


Herrövägen 217
22610 Lemland, Åland



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