A farm in the archipelago

Experience the beauty of the Åland archipelago in this family farm that dates back to the 1800s. The farm is run by Veronica Olofsson and Conny Jansson and their two children, and the farm has been within the same family line for five generations. On the farm you can pat the endearing lambs, see the stately cows and summer pigs, or why not check if the hens have laid any eggs. The farm cats Moses and Blåbär (blueberry) as well as the farm dog Ludde like to meet the visitors as well.

Adventurous visitors can take a bumpy ride on the tractor trailer or excavator.

There is a small museum and an old mill on the farm.

For those who are at home on the water, we arrange boat trips with the possibility to fish.

Visitors who want to stay overnight on Föglö can find accommodation in one of the four cabins on the farm or stay in a small hermit’s cabin on an island of their own.

Lamb meat
Fish products


Östergårds farm on Sommarö

Föglövägen 1262
22710 Föglö, Åland

+358(0)40 0947502
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Opening hours

Farm tours, please book in advance!
1 June – 31 August

Hermit’s cabin
1 June – 31 August

Farm Cabins
1 May – 31 October