An apple farm for you

Apple farmers Anna and Jan continue the work of Anna’s parents, who planted the first apple tree here in the early 1980s. Anna and Jan are reviving the strength of their farm by replacing older trees with new ones. They want to make sure that the farm will continue to blossom for the coming generations, and aim to preserve the feeling of a small-scale family farm.

There are a number of activities to be enjoyed on this farm. Anna and Jan will greet you in person and tell you more about the farm. Please contact the farm in advance and book a tour.

During the spring season, the farm is transformed into a sea of flowers as the apple trees blossom. You can take a tour of the orchards and learn more about the apples. If the timing is right, you can see how the trees are tested for beneficial and damaging insects.

Visitors can participate in culling the apple trees in the summer and pick apples in the orchard during the autumn.



Jan & Anna Alm
Vesterbacken 76
22330 Tjudö


Opening Hours

Thursday 11.00 – 16.00
Tar emot mindre sällskap
och grupper vid förfrågan.