Baking with passion

Johannas Hembakta is a small and authentic stone oven bakery in Stalldalen on northern Åland. We stone oven bake our bread, rolls, cookies and cakes made with mostly locally produced ingredients and genuine passion. One of the secrets of baking is not being in a hurry – maybe that’s why the aroma of freshly baked bread seems to slow down time.

“Hi, my name is Johanna and I’m up early most mornings baking rye bread, sourdough loaves, whole wheat bread, sweet rolls and crispy cookies in my stone oven.

Baking requires being in a good mood; otherwise your dough will not rise properly and your rolls will turn out hard. That’s why baking is my biggest passion, and I think you can really taste it in our products.”


Bread, other bakery products and coffee. Generous and delicious sandwiches, pies and Åland pancake.


Johanna Strand
Stornäsvägen 40
22410 Stalldalen,Godby, Åland

+358 505 412 553


Stängt under vintern, men vi ses i vår!

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